So, the idea of Banhaw kept running through my mind.  That our kids, after we rescue them, are truly reborn.  Their world is turned upside down.  Their identity of being a commodity is REBORN into realizing they were purposefully made by God—they have a soul; they are not an accident.  The hands formerly taught how to steal, sell drugs and please others are now being taught that their hands are for lifting up praises to God, to offer food to the hungry, to care for one another, to study and to work hard to the glory of God.  They are born into poverty but learning that they may be born into royalty by becoming a child of God and what being a child of God means and how it looks.  They were born being told an education is for the rich and those who are more intelligent than they are, but now they are being told they can be and do anything they want to in life. Even their college education will be provided to them. 

This promise of rebirth captures the very heart of the ministry.

Starting in January 2018, I would love it if you would join me in prayer about what life means.  About what Banhaw means.  Of WHERE you were born.  What you were taught when you were born.  And how you have developed, grown… been REBORN from maybe some of the negative teachings and worldviews you were taught as a child. 

Each month, we will have an awareness of what our kids were born into…. And how they were REBORN.  We ask that you pray for our kids and others around the world that they may be REBORN.  Additionally, we would ask that you take the heart and spirit of our Filipino friends when it comes to your birthday.  If you, your friends and family members celebrate your birthdays by giving and celebrating your life, instead of consuming and expecting others to give to you, together we can make a major impact!  So, would you mind to ask friends and family to donate during your birthday month? Simply $5, $10, or even $20 in celebration of your life to The Rescue Ministries?  In return, we can help children be REBORN.  Maybe even set a goal of $50, $100 or higher to be given in your honor and in celebration of your life, to impact a child half way around the globe.