Week of Prayer, Day 5

Week of Prayer - Day 5
Prayer Topic - A New Home

God has used this simple home to change the lives of children in the Philippines.  He has brought us ones who have been discarded and discounted by their own society, and transformed them through His word, His love, and His mercy.

Today, we ask you to pray boldly before His throne on behalf of our children.  Below is an excerpt from our current fundraiser to explain more.

"Since 2009, we have been blessed to rent the home where our children stay. Though we’ve always paid our rent, the bank recently foreclosed on the property. We need to be in a new home by July 2018. It will cost around $250,000 to purchase or build a new home. We need to have purchased our new location no later than February in order to say on track with our move date.   

We pray that you will share our heart to tell children born into abuse, poverty, slavery, and neglect that they, too, can be reborn. Reborn into a life of hope, forgiveness, education and restoration. Their lives do matter, and they have a life of purpose.  Please give generously, so we may continue to protect and love God’s children in the Philippines."

Help us pray!  Give. Share.