Week of Prayer, Day 7

Week of Prayer - Day 7
Prayer Topic - Banhaw Home

Today is Day 7 of this week of prayer. We challenge you to pray BOLD, AUDACIOUS prayers of provision. Banhaw Home does not continue without it.

We ask that you cry out to God on behalf of the kids who have called Banhaw home for the last 10 years, 10 months, 10 weeks. It doesn't matter how long they have been at home here, it matters that it has become their home. God has them at Banhaw for a reason! And He will provide.

As you pray, consider giving as well. NO DOLLAR AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL! Please pray, give, and share.

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Week of Prayer, Day 6

Week of Prayer - Day 6
Prayer Topic - College Students

We currently have three young ladies in college; Michelle, Melogin, and Catherine.

Michelle is an above average student and has an insatiable desire to learn!  She recently received an extraordinary opportunity through a scholarship.  She will be leaving the Philippines in a couple of months to finish her education in Australia. Please pray for her as she steps into a new chapter of her life.  We are so excited for her, but nervous as she leaves Banhaw.

Melogin is in her second year of college, and Catherine is in her first year.  These young ladies are both doing well with their studies.  Please pray for Melogin and Catherine as they are taking public transportation each day, to and from school.  Pray that God will raise them up as leaders in their classes and among other students as beacons of His light. 


Week of Prayer, Day 5

Week of Prayer - Day 5
Prayer Topic - A New Home

God has used this simple home to change the lives of children in the Philippines.  He has brought us ones who have been discarded and discounted by their own society, and transformed them through His word, His love, and His mercy.

Today, we ask you to pray boldly before His throne on behalf of our children.  Below is an excerpt from our current fundraiser to explain more.

"Since 2009, we have been blessed to rent the home where our children stay. Though we’ve always paid our rent, the bank recently foreclosed on the property. We need to be in a new home by July 2018. It will cost around $250,000 to purchase or build a new home. We need to have purchased our new location no later than February in order to say on track with our move date.   

We pray that you will share our heart to tell children born into abuse, poverty, slavery, and neglect that they, too, can be reborn. Reborn into a life of hope, forgiveness, education and restoration. Their lives do matter, and they have a life of purpose.  Please give generously, so we may continue to protect and love God’s children in the Philippines."

Help us pray!  Give. Share.



Week of Prayer, Day 4

Week of Prayer - Day 4
Prayer Topic - Education

Educational costs in the Philippines are low, but tuition is required for any type of education. For example, the primary grade and high school students must pay tuition to attend the public school.

Approximately half of our kids do not currently receive funding for their education.

Today, please pray for the education of each child at Banhaw Home. Pray for the ones who excel and those who struggle with their studies.

The local school with New Testament Bibles from the Gideons

The local school with New Testament Bibles from the Gideons

Week of Prayer, Day 3

Week of Prayer - Day 3
Prayer Topic - Banhaw Staff

We are so grateful for our staff! While our kids are quite independent, they need guidance, structure, and love.

Today, please pray for strength and health for our staff. Pray they look to God for their own guidance.

Nan Linda, faithful to the kids at Banhaw for seven years

Nan Linda, faithful to the kids at Banhaw for seven years

Week of Prayer, Day 2

Week of Prayer - Day 2
Prayer Topic - Land

You may know that we are currently in the beginnings of a fundraising campaign. This campaign is a result of a need to purchase land in order to build a new home for Banhaw Home for Youth.

Today, please pray that God will give us the perfect piece of property (close to schools, secluded for safety, and near to transportation for college students) for the home.

Gazebo at Banhaw

Gazebo at Banhaw

Week of Prayer, Day 1

Week of Prayer, Day 1
Prayer Topic - Banhaw Kids

In total we have 13 kids at Banhaw Home for Youth at this time.

Mary Rose
Rhea Mae
Baby Rose
Baby Jean

While some are true orphans, others have families who have abused, trafficked, or neglected them. But, each of them has a story of hope!

Please dedicate some time throughout this week to pray for each one by name. I'm thankful that God knows each of these beloved children and has entrusted them to us.