Who is The Rescue Ministries?

Very simply put, we are a USA-based non-profit corporation dedicated to rescuing abandoned and orphaned children in the Philippines.  And we are made of people -- people who stand for social justice and provide the hope and grace of Jesus Christ through their ministries--people like you.


A young missionary, returned to the US from the Philippines with the knowledge that one of the most overwhelming needs in the Philippines is to overcome wide-spread child labor, trafficking and prostitution (studies show that more than 100,000 children are prostituted in the Philippines annually).  As he shared this knowledge, former Associate Pastor of First United Methodist Church, Jefferson City TN, was deeply moved by this awareness and later approached the gentleman about leading a mission trip to the Philippines.

When the team arrived in Cebu Philippines in late May 2009, their first visit was a dumpsite where hundreds of destitute Filipinos lived in deplorable conditions--conditions that shocked the Americans.  The team visited dumpsite families and orphans on several occasions, each time providing food, clothing, hygiene products and the compassion and love of Christ.  However, it soon became evident to team members that they were putting Band-Aids on a much bigger problem.

Fortunately, the team built relationships with well-connected Filipinos who agreed to cooperate with this small contingent to address the underlying problems that cause rampant poverty, malnutrition, child prostitution, and neglect and abuse of women in the Philippines.

A Filipino Mayor and some local Filipino businessmen accompanied the team to the dumpsites to observe the appalling living conditions the orphans endure.  The Filipinos agreed to assist the team in building and directing an orphanage to house and meet the needs of street children.  

After the team returned from the Philippines a board of directors met and started The Rescue Ministries Inc. The Rescue Ministries, in turn, finalized the steps to open the orphanage called WHY (Wesley Home for Youth). The first children were placed in the orphanage in January, 2010.



The Rescue Ministries partners with the schools to increase school attendance and education among youth in the dumpsites.  The Rescue Ministries is committed to providing a college/vocational education to all residents of the orphanage.  Furthermore we seek to invest in any parents of the youth by teaching them livelihood skills in order for the siblings of the youth not to fall into similar circumstances.

But, The Rescue Ministries is not just another social service program that helps children and families in need; it is a holistic program–in its purest form, a ministry to bring the Good News to the poor and to those in need so that there may be a transformation in the communities in realizing the message of grace and hope in Jesus Christ and the significance of every life.

Sponsors now give to help support the orphanage where 25 children reside and receive daily care.  The youth attend school, some have graduated and some have moved on to college.  All are active in church and in worship.  The youth themselves provide outreach services to communities where they once lived, expanding the hope begun during their residency at WHY.  There are still thousands of Filipino children who are living on the streets and dumpsites.   The need is urgent.   You can be a part of the solution by becoming a sponsor.